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What are veneers?

The definition of a veneer within dentistry is a thin layer of dental restorative material. A veneer would be placed over a tooth surface and are often used to improve the aesthetics of a tooth and so therefore improve your overall look. Veneers may be placed over a tooth to protect it if it was damaged and can also be used to change the shape or improve the colour of teeth, you can go for a single tooth restoration to a full "hollywood" style mouth makeover!

What's the procedure?

Veneers are completed over two appointments, and described in a simple form are like a 'false nails' for your tooth.

In appointment one, your tooth/teeth and gum edge will be prepared and impressions will be taken. You will then return for you second appointment to have your individually constructed veneers fitted.

No local anaesthetic is required and after your first appointment you do not usually need a temporary veneer. Your teeth should look more or less the same after your first appointment; you may suffer from slight sensivity in between appointments, however this should alleviate after treatment.

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