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At Home Teeth Whitening

Day white & Night white!

The Home tray whitening system is ideal for patients who are unable to keep their mouth open for long periods of time.

There are two types of whitening gels we use:

Night white is great for patients who don't mind sleeping with the whitening trays in place.

Day white is ideal for those who are uncomfortable with over night tray wear.

How long will this take?

The total treatment can usually be done within three to four weeks.

First, you will need two or three visits to the dentist. Your dentist will need to make a mouthguard and will take impressions for this at the first appointment. Once your dentist has started the treatment, you will need to continue the treatment at home. This means regularly applying the whitening product over one to two weeks, for 30 minutes to one hour at a time.

What are the side effects?

Some people may find that their teeth become sensitive to cold during or after the treatment.

Others report discomfort in the gums, a sore throat or white patches on the gum line. These symptoms are usually temporary and should disappear within a few days of the treatment finishing.

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