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Facial Aesthetics

Our qualified clinicians offer the latest anti-ageing non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

Dayan uses injections into the forehead or around the eye area which relax the skin muscles which cause wrinkles and lines.

This smooths out the wrinkles and can make you look years younger.

Pain-free lip enhancement

Dayan also uses fillers which smooth deep lines and wrinkles and which restore facial volume lost through the body’s ageing process. These fillers are natural skin products which will give a youthful volume to your face including your cheeks and lips.

Use of fillers to add volume to your lips can be painful but, as a qualified and experienced dentist, Dr Jesuthasan is able to use local anaesthetics on the inner surface of your lips to ensure a pain-free experience. Only dentists can offer this.

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