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Trouble with snoring?

Snoring is ruining lives!

Let us help, we offer a snoring device that opens the airways allowing you to breath freely at night, meaning a better night’s sleep for you....and anybody else that may be suffering from your snoring. (There's also a few other handy tips too)

Did you know there are two types of snoring?

Snoring can occur as a result of one or a combination of both factors.

The tongue relaxing and falling back into the throat against the uvulva and obstructing the airway most often causes snoring. Blocked nasal passages may also be the cause of snoring.

Help is at hand!

We can offer you an anti-snoring device, also known as a Mandibular Sleep Apnea Device. This device is a mouthpiece used to reposition the mandible (jaw) into a slightly forward position. This ensures the lower jaw protrudes a little during sleep. By pulling the lower jaw forward, the position of the tongue is affected. As the tongue is attached to the lower jaw, this repositioning allows for clear airway to be maintained.

A few other handy tips...

  • Try sleeping on your side or front, if your tongue relaxing back onto the throat is the cause for your snoring, this may help you.
  • Try adjusting the angle that you sleep. Studies have shown that an elevation of 30 degrees relieves the pressure on the diaphragm and helps to keeps airways open.

Contact us if you think this device may help you.

(Please note that Mandibular Sleep Apnea Devices are not suitable for everyone, and success rates may vary).

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