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Valplast Dentures: Partial (flexible)

Valplast Dentures are a flexible partial denture which are comfortable, affordable and look great.

Due to the Flexibility of Valplast, it allows the denture to adapt to the constant movements in your mouth. A Valplast denture appears to be invisible because there are no metal clasps and the material used blends with the natural tissues in your mouth.

Many people find the Valplast flexible denture to be the most comfortable option and our patient satisfaction rate is high.

Valplast Dentures are virtually indestructible and manufacturers offer a life time guarantee.

Valplast gives you confidence while eating, talking and smiling.

Ivoclar Bps Dentures: Full (natural)

Ivoclar Bps Dentures are considered to be the most natural looking dentures, due to the time, preparation and materials used.

The dentist will record all your facial information to help recreate your facial characteristics and your smile.

Ivoclar teeth imitate natural teeth by reflecting light through several layers of porcelain. Ivoclar use high quality acrylics and porcelain which help resist against excessive wear, breakage and staining.

The materials used will help maintain the natural shape of teeth to achieve confidence while laughing, talking and smiling

Also to maintain optimum functionality while chewing and eating. We also offer standard dentures which are just as functional as Ivoclar and Valplas. For more information please contact the practice.

All the laboratories we use are based locally and deliver daily.

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